Choosing the right Medical Engineering course.

The UK is a world leader in Medical Engineering research and manufacture and offers many undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The broad range of activities covered by the subject means the focus of Medical Engineering degrees can be quite different – there is more variation in course content than in other, more traditional, engineering subjects. Therefore you will need to look carefully at course details before deciding on a programme of study. For example, while most Medical Engineering courses currently have a mechanical or electronic foundation, others may be biased more to materials, physics or biology.

Clearly the course content depends on the bias of the degree. For example, the University of Hull offers a mechanical-based course which has core modules of mechanical engineering and basic medicine, together with specialist modules in biomechanics, biofluids and biomaterials, implant design and artificial organs, rehabilitation engineering, computer and robotic assisted surgery, tissue engineering, physiological measurements, medical imaging and diagnostic techniques, and regulatory issues and medical ethics.

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