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Maximising your Social Media Content for Social Recruitment

First of all, we would like to thank FireFish Software for the inspiration on this blog post. Social media is unavoidably the best places to find the ‘perfect candidate’. The ability to target a specific type of demographics (e.g. age, qualifications, location, mobile phone headset, and many […]

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How to do Social Media Recruitment?

Finding the perfect candidates on social media is like a treasure hunt. It is not easy and can be very time-consuming if you do not know what to look. However, when you find the ‘one’, you know that the hard work will pay off.  How many of […]

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3 Tough Interview Questions to Ask your Candidate Today

Medical Engineers' blog

Interview time is the vital time between you and the potential the previous post, we wrote a post about identifying the key questions that you should expect from the candidates in order to know find the ‘one’. However, an interview should be a mutual process where […]

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The Most Creative Job Ads You Want to See Today

Are you looking for some ideas to attract the best candidate for your business? You can start by looking at some of the examples of catchy job advertisement that would catch the attention of applicants. We think this is the perfect job advertisement to show the candidate […]

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Investing your Organisation Presences on Social Media

Creating your organisation presences on social media

In the previous post, our expert at Medical Engineers emphasised three simple guidelines on how to pick the right candidate. Social media is the gateway for candidates to learn about your organisation. Approximately 1 in 5 potential candidates have applied for a job through social media and 79 […]

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How Do I Know if They are the Right Candidate for my Company?

Three questions to ask during the interview with the potential candidates

The interview between you and the candidate should be the most exciting process during the recruitment process. The main goal for the team at Medical Engineers is to ensure that you get the best candidate for the role to do the job with confidence. However, how do I […]

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Your Ultimate Dress Code Guide at Work

We at Medical Engineers love Mondays, therefore, we want to kickstart your week with the #easy #dress #code guidelines for #women

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How to Make My Job Description More Appealing to Candidates?

Advice from our experts at Medical Engineers to Attract the Best Candidates for Your Role

A succinct role description will help the recruitment consultant at Medical Engineers to handpicked the best candidates for your business. However, this might not the case since you might miss some vital details that prolong the search for the candidate. Therefore, our experts at Medical Engineers shared […]

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5 Things You Need to Prepare for Skype Interview

Medical Engineers might have some useful tips for you to prepare for your Skype interview

So, our consultant at Medical Engineers rang you on your mobile to give the first interview schedule with the company via Skype. Congrats! Do not get too excited since this might be your first Skype interview (ever! or not, but that’s okay since you might find some […]

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Medical Engineers work closely with academia

Medical Engineers work closely with academia, visiting the top 20 universities that offer degrees that specifically benefit our industry. We help students understand how to market themselves to potential employers and move into the commercial world. During our visit we cover: Where to find unadvertised jobs This […]

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