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Medical devices have become such a vital part of modern healthcare that practically no diagnosis or treatment is possible without them. With the increasing complexity and connectivity of medical devices, the role of medical device software development is becoming more crucial. Developments in software have radically changed many aspects of our everyday lives, from banking to shopping to entertainment. Digital healthcare has been growing steadily over the last few years, which has naturally increased the demand for software engineering skills within the MDD marketplace. Skills include; Embedded Software Engineers, Embedded systems & software, Software development engineers, electronic engineers, electronic systems engineers and lab technicians, with software quality and validation skills at a premium. The choices for candidates are plentiful within this discipline, with companies (of all sizes) having to work hard to secure talent for their businesses. Understanding your career aspirations, core skills and where your interests lie, ensures that we will present you with the most interesting and appropriate opportunities.

Developing safety critical software is paramount. As a result, enticing senior and principal engineers from other industries has to be a serious consideration. Transferring skills from other safety critical industries such as automotive and aerospace is key to the continued growth of our industry, as is the acknowledgement that searching for these skills will require focused and strategic searches, across Europe and sometimes globally depending upon the level of seniority or specialist skills required.

Specialisms in Medical Engineering

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