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It’s our view, a career in research and development, is as fascinating and exciting as you could possibly hope for. Being part of a team, who create and develop new medical technologies, which improve the lives of millions of people globally, is as good as it gets!

Technology in Medical Device Development is constantly evolving, consider how quickly devices develop. Dialysis machines, for example, used to be clinic based and would restrict patients to spending hours and days confined to hospitals. Now we see small portable machines coming to market which will allow patients to go on holidays and visit family enabling them to take their treatment with them. This will change the lives of dialysis patients globally.

Mechanical, electronic and software engineers, bioengineers, tribologists, materials scientists, biomechanics, research engineers, test engineers, development engineers and project engineers all play key roles in researching and developing new technologies and products, creating prototypes, testing and validating these ready for manufacture.

Collaborations with leading universities and world leading experts, mean that you’ll be working alongside brilliant engineers and scientists, who will stretch your learning and increase your knowledge. Not to mention the ‘techie toys’ you’ll have to play with!

Our clients within research and development range from small start up’s, SME’s and large global business, with in-house facilities which are truly world class. So whether you want to be part of a small team, working broadly across the research and development lifecycle or an ultra-specialist in a large global team, we will have opportunities which meet your needs.

Specialisms in Medical Engineering

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