Investing your Organisation Presences on Social Media

Creating your organisation presences on social media

In the previous post, our expert at Medical Engineers emphasised three simple guidelines on how to pick the right candidate. Social media is the gateway for candidates to learn about your organisation. Approximately 1 in 5 potential candidates have applied for a job through social media and 79 […]

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How Do I Know if They are the Right Candidate for my Company?

Three questions to ask during the interview with the potential candidates

The interview between you and the candidate should be the most exciting process during the recruitment process. The main goal for the team at Medical Engineers is to ensure that you get the best candidate for the role to do the job with confidence. However, how do I […]

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Your Ultimate Dress Code Guide at Work

We at Medical Engineers love Mondays, therefore, we want to kickstart your week with the #easy #dress #code guidelines for #women

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The Latest Graduate Scheme Opportunity

The latest graduate scheme opportunities at Aseptium

Are you currently looking for graduate scheme opportunity? Our friend at Aseptium might surprise you with the two positions for you to apply as: Life SCIENCES GRADUATE Job Description: To project manage the implementation of ISO 13485 Quality Management System to evaluate and test medical devices and consumables, as well […]

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How to Make My Job Description More Appealing to Candidates?

Advice from our experts at Medical Engineers to Attract the Best Candidates for Your Role

A succinct role description will help the recruitment consultant at Medical Engineers to handpicked the best candidates for your business. However, this might not the case since you might miss some vital details that prolong the search for the candidate. Therefore, our experts at Medical Engineers shared […]

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The Rise of Breathable Devices

The latest medical devices and diagnostics news from Medical Engineers

Despite the popularity of wearable devices in the recent years for health monitoring process, the ultrathin films and rubber sheets might have a lack of breathability and not safe for long term use. Therefore,  a group of Japanese scientists are developing a very light and thin hypo-allergic […]

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3 Major Mistakes that You Should Not Have on your CV

Crafting an outstanding CV is an art because a good CV will take you to your next dream…job (if you follow our tips on this blog). This might not be your first graduate job since you have been working in the industry for a number of years. However, it […]

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No More Heart Attack, Thanks to this Innovative Medical Devices

Medical Devices and Diagnostics industry bring cutting edge innovation to help improve the health of the society. At Medical Engineers, we want you to be inspired with what you can do with your job in this industry. We think you will be interested to know what SensiVet; […]

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5 Things You Need to Prepare for Skype Interview

Medical Engineers might have some useful tips for you to prepare for your Skype interview

So, our consultant at Medical Engineers rang you on your mobile to give the first interview schedule with the company via Skype. Congrats! Do not get too excited since this might be your first Skype interview (ever! or not, but that’s okay since you might find some […]

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5 Highest Paid Engineers Jobs in Medical Technology Industry

If you are currently looking for jobs or interested to find out more about opportunities to work in medical devices industries, then check out our website Also, follow our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for daily updates on jobs and news in medical engineers industry. In this article, Medical Engineers ranked the […]

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