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Being in the Medical Devices and Diagnostics Industry, finding good talent is often a struggle. Once you have exhausted your personal network, sourcing candidates, especially those with relevant ISO and FDA experience can be really difficult. Facing this challenge most people turn to recruitment agencies but struggle to find a recruitment agency that has the technical know-how to spot a genuine candidate from a waste of time.

Coming from a large multi-sector recruitment agency, Samantha could see the limitations caused by recruiters that do not have the same in depth technical knowledge as the clients they serve. ” HR and Hiring Managers were constantly being sent inappropriate CV’s by recruiters who could not differentiate Design Engineers from Mechanical Design Engineers, wasting their time screening CV’s that should have already been screened!”

So when it came to opening her own niche agency, it was only natural that Samantha combined her engineering degree and background in recruitment, to form Medical Engineers.

Today, Medical Engineers is still the only recruitment agency that is dedicated entirely to the MD&D Industry, an overriding factor in its continued success.






Our knowledge in the MD&D industry has been an overriding factor in our continued success. Securing the very best talent in a skills deficient, highly regulated market presents a unique range of challenges, which with 14 years’ experience we are very familiar with.

If you would like to know how Medical Engineers can assist you in your business please call 0161 2600 190 or mail recruitment@medicalengineers.co.uk

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