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Engaging, Motivating and Retaining Women in MedTech

Women in MedTech

With female engineers only making up 14.5% of the UK’s engineering workforce, it is important that we champion women in MedTech and implement practices that encourage them to thrive and remain in the industry.   My Journey As the second born child in a family of 6 […]

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The Importance of Networking

Our working lives can be all-consuming. How many times have you said to yourself “there are simply not enough hours in the day”? So how can we justify spending an entire day away from the office to visit a trade show? What could make you decide to […]

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Getting the Most out of a Business Expo

Developing new products and technology is time consuming, so allocating an entire day out of your week to attend an industry expo is a big commitment. Planning your day in advance means you will get maximum return on your time invested in the event. Medical Technology UK […]

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7 DOs and DON’Ts for a Successful Trade Show

The Medical Engineers team recently attended the Recruitment Agency Expo 2022 at Olympia London. After having a great day talking to recruitment professionals, software providers, marketing experts and more, we began reflecting on the exhibits which made the biggest impact. We put together some DOs and DON’Ts […]

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What motivates a medical engineer?

It’s said, that on average there are approximately eight roles available for every candidate in the Medical Technology/Engineering space at any one given time. With such a candidate deficient market currently at play, what is it that’s motivating candidates to make the switch or, on the other […]

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April Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to ME’s monthly Newsletter This last month has gone so quickly, and at Medical Engineers we have been busy onboarding new clients and working on some fantastic new contract and permanent positions. Scroll to the bottom of the Blog to check out our Hot Jobs! International […]

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Why you should start hiring graduates.


Recruiting Graduates. 2020 was a challenging year for many businesses throughout the Medtech industry. After speaking with businesses and candidates within the job market recently, clients and job seekers have been finding it difficult to get back into it. In May time, thousands of graduates will be […]

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March Monthly Newsletter


Welcome to ME’s monthly Newsletter March has been an exciting month for us, with lots of opportunities within the business. Spring is finally here, and it is reassuring to see some light at the end of the tunnel! 2020 has been a challenging time for so many […]

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Fighting Bacteria Infection using Wireless Electroceutical Dressing

A new type of surgical dressing might provide a better resistant to bacterial infection and combat antibiotic resistance by using weak electric fields. “Drug resistance in bacteria is a major threat and antibiotic-resistant biofilm infections are estimated to account for at least 75 percent of bacterial infections in […]

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The Potential of Biological Solar Cell

Medical Engineers blog

What if dirty water can be the main source of energy? Seokheun Choi is the leader of the research to convert dirty bacteria into clean energy at Binghampton University, United States by using a solar cell (micro-BSC). So, lets found out the development of this project. The […]

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