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The Must Have Medical Devices Apps for iPhone and iPad

iPhoneECG Electrocardiogram

Apple released the iPhone X to celebrate the ten years anniversary birth of the first iPhone. The device has been part of our daily lives, and we cannot live without it. Until now, you might realise that the phone can track our heart rates and walk rates […]

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The Latest Research in Deep Tissue Brain Imaging

Magneto Thermal Stimulation is the latest brain imaging method to conduct a remote and non-invasive method to stimulate a particular cell inside the brain that triggers activity deep inside the brain that allows the researchers to find out the impact the physiology. Despite some similar methods such as […]

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How Do I Know if They are the Right Candidate for my Company?

Three questions to ask during the interview with the potential candidates

The interview between you and the candidate should be the most exciting process during the recruitment process. The main goal for the team at Medical Engineers is to ensure that you get the best candidate for the role to do the job with confidence. However, how do I […]

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The Rise of Breathable Devices

The latest medical devices and diagnostics news from Medical Engineers

Despite the popularity of wearable devices in the recent years for health monitoring process, the ultrathin films and rubber sheets might have a lack of breathability and not safe for long term use. Therefore,  a group of Japanese scientists are developing a very light and thin hypo-allergic […]

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Biosensors Contact Lenses: The Future of Health Diagnostics

Integrating biosensors to contact lenses might seems impossible but not for the research team at Oregon State University. The integration may help us to track pharmacokinetics and non-invasive glucose testing. We may be familiar with the traditional technique of glucose testing by injecting a small needle into […]

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This Mirror Might Change Your Life Forever

EU researchers are currently developing a prototype device called Wize Mirror to monitor heart rate, body temperature, and skin tone. The main objective of the research is to help users monitor their day-to-day activities and help to spot signs of cardio-metabolic diseases. Source:   The device will […]

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Can you help to keep medical device graduates in our industry?

Earlier this year I had a conversation with a head lecturer at one of the UK’s leading Universities. I was amazed to hear him speak about how half the graduates studying degrees with pathways into the Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry ended up working in other industries […]

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Medical Engineers work closely with academia

Medical Engineers work closely with academia, visiting the top 20 universities that offer degrees that specifically benefit our industry. We help students understand how to market themselves to potential employers and move into the commercial world. During our visit we cover: Where to find unadvertised jobs This […]

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